Purple Haze by El Davo

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Upon entering Noel's Yard from the St Eanswythe Road entrance, you will see Purple Haze, our signature commissioned piece by local artist El Davo (http://www.eldavo.co.uk/).


As part of the early Noel's Yard development, Shepway District Council commissioned El Davo to enhance the area with one of his murals. The result is a stunning and unmistakeable tribute to Noel Redding in the form of a mural of a vine bursting through the ground and wrapping around Noel Redding's bass guitar.


In his own words, El Davo says;


"At just under 10 meters high, creating Purple Haze was one of my biggest creative challenges. The concept of the vine wrapping itself around Noel's Bass Guitar, for me, signifies the re-birth of creativity within Folkestone - but built  upon the creative foundations of what has already gone before."

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