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Quickly building an impressive name for itself on the local and national scene, Googies is located in the heart of Folkestone, serving gourmet style street food., artisan coffee & craft beers. Googies is a self-styled 'Art Cafe' and, as you might expect, the customers that you tend to find hanging out at Googies tend to reflect that kind of bohemiam, creative type which makes Googies not only great for food and drink - but a great spot to meet other like-minded people, create buzz, and feed off of each other's ideas.


Googies beef is 100% fresh single source grass-fed rare breed Dexter beef because, they say, it is better for you, tastes better and is better for the planet. Grass-fed Dexter beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, higher in CLA (conjugated linoleum acid), higher in Vitamin E, higher in beta-carotene, lower in calories and is one of the healthiest protein sources on the planet. It is beef you can feel better about eating.

A Burger can only ever be a Gourmet burger when you know where it’s sourced and can guarantee what goes into the mince. Googies work closely with the farm where the cattle is raised, supported by the butcher and mince our own Dexter beef.

As with every aspect of Googies, freshness is paramount. Googies beans are supplied by Volcano Coffee Works, who are a small Artisan Roaster, who pride themselves on quality, not quantity. The beans are roasted as soon as the order is placed and delivered the following day.

But! It is not just Googie's roasters who know what they are doing. Their Barista’s know when the coffee is at its best, and commit to never serving you a cup of coffee that we consider is not at its absolute best!

From espresso to lattes and ristrettos to flat whites, let Googies make the perfect cup for you!


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