Dining Out in Noel's Yard

If you want to dine out in Folkestone town centre nowadays, you're a bit spoilt for choice!


Noel's Yard has some of the finest eateries in Folkestone - if not in the whole of South East Kent. Complimented by the growing artistic bohemiam influence that has been on the rise over the last few years, Noel's Yard is the latest must 'eat & greet' places in Folkestone.


Folkestone along with the rest of South East Kent is known for having some of the best summer time weather in the UK, and this fact of nature only adds to the growth of Cafe culture in the town centre. Noel's Yard has trendy eateries which you can stop off by during your shopping trip or before/after your visit to the galleries and art studios on the Old High Street.


Visit Folkestone's trendiest eateries in Noel's Yard:


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Are you looking to hold an art event or start a business? Noel's Yard is a creative and inspiring outside venue at the heart of Folkestone that can get you the maximum exposure for your event and your business.


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