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Residents of Noel's Yard not only have the best of access to Folkestone's arty Creative Quarter, trendy eateries, cafe shops, and bars in Folkestone town centre - but they also have the best seat in the house for all of the entertainment, festivals and celebrations that take place within the theatre of Noel's Yard.


If you are an artist within any of the creative industries, or if you have a business then you will find that Folkestone's quick and easy accessibility to central London (approx 53 mins), and quick and straightforward access to the continent (approx 2 hours to Paris), then you might find the change of lifestyle and pace to seaside living particularly beneficial. Apartments in Noel's Yard compliment this lifestyle and homes here typically comprise of 1 or 2 large bedroom, large (studio type) lounges which is all set within the centre of the vibrant and creative Folkestone community.


Live creatively, by the sea!



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Are you looking to hold an art event or start a business? Noel's Yard is a creative and inspiring outside venue at the heart of Folkestone that can get you the maximum exposure for your event and your business.


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