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Noel's Yard is a public 'Theatre in a Square' (Piazza) which promotes commerce, the arts, entertainment, as well as the best of British seaside living within a vibrant and safe creative community at the heart of Folkestone, England.


Noel's Yard exists to inspire creativity and encourage entrepreneurship for the young people of Folkestone, the people of Kent and visitors to our wonderful town.

The creation of Noel's Yard is as a lasting memorial to one of Folkestone's most famous sons, Noel Redding. Noel, who was born and grew up in Folkestone, met Jimi Hendrix's and became his bassist in 1966, and was a big influence in the creation of the signature sound and musical accomplishments of the band 'The Jimi Hendrix Experience' (or The Experience).


Noel's music accomplishments are, in many ways, just one example of the creativity that has flowed out of Folkestone from various artists and musicians throughout the years. As a small seaside town (currently circa 40,000 pop.), Folkestone certainly punches above its weight in terms of the town’s contribution to the local/national arts.


Other notable people who are associated with Folkestone include:


Noel's Yard exists to promote all forms of creative arts to young people, the community of Folkestone and visitors to the town.

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